FREE New Contacts

In addition to serving as a GATEWAY for all new Contractor Candidates, this site is designed to allow direct promotion by the Administrators via various traffic methods, significantly PAID sources.

We invest in advertising to these sites via introductory portals and products,  to support our organizations in both of our main affiliated companies.

When new visitors come to the site and sign up, they can be randomly assigned to each of our existing members via automated ROTATION.

So as explained in on your LEADS (“Log-In and Manage”) page, you will get extra leads here beyond your own Short-List Building Efforts before your Free Trial Week, as well as DURING and AFTER.

Of course these are all potential team-members for you, and we focus on your Enrollment Week immediately after your Free Trial Week ends.

Since your own Short-List of Contacts will then continue to grow AFTER you have already accomplished your principal Free Trial  emailing duties, you will have more interested Candidates who will go on to become Qualified, and then contact you requesting your Free Trial link.

These you can then INTRODUCE to your own team-members and theirs, who have not filled their initial Inner-Core teams yet.

This is part of the source of extra Candidates we pass down to our own team members as they become qualified and prepared to join.